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Have you been injured in an accident? Did a loved one die because of someone else’s negligent actions? Were you hurt by a defectively designed or manufactured product? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please contact the attorneys at Zeccola and Selinger, LLC. Our personal injury trial attorneys represent clients who have suffered injuries in an accident or have lost loved ones in wrongful death incidents.

We have developed an outstanding reputation as experienced litigators and are renowned for our work in personal injury, products liability, and wrongful death. Our reputation is built upon thousands of verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients. Our record of success underscores our ability to meet your needs.

Vehicle Accidents

Zeccola and Selinger, LLC can help victims who have suffered personal injury due to any type ofvehicle accidents. Auto accidents are very common, occurring every five seconds in the United States. The frequency of these vehicle accidents is the same as across the country. Over-the-course of the last five years, more than 26% of Americans have been involved in an auto accident of some kind. According to studies conducted by the US Department of Transportation, most auto accidents involve young/inexperienced or elderly drivers and are caused by irresponsible or negligent driving behaviors.

Medical Accidents and Malpractice

Injuries caused by doctor, hospital, or insurance company error, including misdiagnosis of cancer cases. Medical malpractice cases have unfortunately become all too common. A Harvard Medical School study found that over 5% of all hospital patients were injured as of a result of medical negligence. Medical negligence, more commonly called medical malpractice, occurs when a doctor or health care provider deviates from accepted standards of medical procedure. Most people do not want to pursue legal action against their physician, but if the patient is seriously harmed, it may be necessary to hire an attorney.

Work Related Accidents

Work related issues involving people injured at work, including asbestos injuries. Workers Compensation programs are designed to help workers who have been injured on the job or who suffer a disease related to their employment. Workers’ Compensation benefits include payments based on a percentage of the worker’s weekly wage. The payment programs range from temporary total disability, partial disability, permanent and total disability, and permanent loss of function and disfigurement. Workers’ Compensation may also cover medical expenses related to the injury and rehabilitation costs.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Companies and municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of their streets and sidewalks. This means that they have to clean the sidewalk when it snows, they have to make sure the sidewalks are safe and they have to insure that you, the pedestrian, can safely walk their property. There is no real way to ensure that the streets are safe and the supermarket aisles are clean except the risk of a lawsuit. This encourages shop owners, property owners, and town supervisors to make sure the places you walk everyday are safe.

Should I Consult an Attorney about an Accident?

If you or a member of your family have been in an accident, then you may qualify for a lawsuit claim. Thousands of people have already filed claims. In America today, there are thousands of class actions and billions of dollars in unclaimed monies available for victims.






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